Yesterday, the WH had a “Jobs Summit”

I know that it sort of strange that they would have a “Jobs Summit” at all, unless it dealt with killing jobs. We really can’t toss money around in the hope of making jobs. It doesn’t work that way. We should be making it possible for Small Businesses everywhere. We need to have the “Explosion of Small Business” Act to be the top priority in the 112th Congress. No it’s not Small businesses get exploded, it the proliferation of Small Businesses everywhere. When that happens, it will harder to not find a job than to find one. Every candidate for Congress in 2010 should have this as one of their reasons to get elected.


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Teaser: Working a post about Senate Poker

since it seems very similar to poker and it can be a game at times. It will be explained out fully and will be a good read(unless you like to complain all the time about others work).

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Well it passed and it had lots of majority party voting for it

Well, I guess it’s going to be the Capitol Hill massacre of Democrats in 2010. I see lots more republicans in the house in the next congress.

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Yes, I know that today is Halloween

so what could be scarier Zombies or something else? I really want to know.

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After all this work We have done they try a backhanded thanks

Well they really shouldn’t thank us for exposing their lies but they do it anyways. Oh well see for yourself


I guess that’s to be expected from a bunch of criminals.

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Well Folks I have the evidence to show you

so that you can make up your mind about the cut-n-paste job of I know it’s on it’s second scrubdown but I have enough to hang them


I’m really thinking that this was a real bad idea on part of people trying to smear Marco Rubio. It’s cetainly going to backfire.

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I’ve never seen such a bigger cut-n-paste job than

Really after making 32 screenshots it’s seems that it’s really clear. They didn’t link to it, they rip it verbatim. I sure it won’t be long until someone is court on this.

BTW, I’ll have a showing of those screenshots later in another post.

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